Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekly Update from Tech Guy Who Likes Cats

June 14, 2009
OMG, time to send a free Father's Day Card! - One with a stamp and everything! FREE

Dang, we in California, are in a big budgetary mess!! Ahnold, "Let's just close the state for a few days (sorta)"

Check out: "In the Moment Computing - Computer Repair for San Jose, Sunnyvale, San Mateo, Palo Alto"

@vrendon: @omNovia Web Conference... free trial, - Tools are 100% free here; not trials.

June 15, 2009

Drooling over HP Media Smart Server http://bit.ly/aOVgw Anyone out there have one? Great home server!

Great way to start a Monday morning - Boom Boom Pow!! ♫

What's this world coming to? When 6 flags (Great America) declares bankruptcy, we know we're in BIG trouble!

June 16, 2009
I'm not a HUGE fan of Plaxo, but Google is! So, I make sure my Plaxo profile is up-to-date!

Manage Online Reputation - company to hire if needed reputationdefender.com

Selective Twitter Update on Facebook - Thanks! @irenekoehler Don't put all Twitter Updates on Facebook and vv.

@secretsushi: CNN says Twitter decided to postpone its downtime after a request from the US State Dept:

Haven't started social media yet? Where to start? B2B - Linked In; B2C, first Facebook, than Twitter.

@averyh you're doing a great job moderating this wonderful social networking panel! Thanks! #WIC

Just added LinkedIn badge to profile - try it out -
Good tools from Shannon Whitley

@shel showed Twitterverse from @BrianSolis & @Jess3 http://bit.ly/lxcXK

@irenekoehler loved emphasis on googling oneself, using this method "clyde lerner", make sure to update profiles high in google! #WIC Plaxo?
great site recommendation at seminar - organize your tweetups!

June 17, 2009
iPhone 3.0 Problems? Solution. ITM Computing suggests waiting for 3 weeks before updating phone. Less Bugs.

@goodguide - Very cool place to find wholesome, earth-friendly products. Make a statement on being green Buy Green!

Thanks to @irenekoehler @sasmith4 @WIConsult @averyh @shel for social media fun yesterday

I uploaded a YouTube video. Queen Michelle Jordan does another fine performance of "In ThisVery Room" at East Bay Church.

Enjoying eggplant dish at Ewomen Networking Meeting in SJ. Yummy!

http://www.tweetvisor.com/ - Like Tweet Deck - but online version TwitterTools - Rock on!

Went to my first CEO Space meeting tonight. I was SUPER impressed: No bull - just networking/education. You a member?

Awesome Netbook Giveaway - through September - Scroll down page

Allergy testing at Kaiser. Oh, joy! Pricked 32 times. So itchy!

Allergy testing ...fun!

50%FB users log in daily, according to Sarah Smith of Facebook. The 200m number of FB means these have used FB in last 30 days

@IreneKoehler: http://twitpic.com/7jta8 - Great speaker: @shel at WIC social media seminar on Twitter - Agreed!

@irenekoehler great talk on LinkedIn, Irene. Love the fact that you look at who people write recommendations for,not just recommendations

Attending WIC Seminar - Linked In, Facebook, Twitter - giving you a better "how-to" Facebook Class

TweetDeck Desktop Relaunched: New Features Galore!

@ErinBlaskie: @blissconnection Erin -let's face it,you and your company totally rock! I referred a VA to you who might want to join U.

June 18, 2009

Win HP Netbook - one given away/week -->9/30/2009. I'm so there!

This is a wonderfully gorgeous Rose I found in the East Bay parking lot. Seemed to fit perfectly here!

while chatting with @bethschneider, found cool Mac clean up tool - Main Menu
Wow! Great TwitterVerse - Amazing map. Thanks @Shel

Don't Worry, Be Happy Now! Morning, Afternoon or Night! ♫

My wild and crazy friend Julie Ann enjoying a joyous, fun and peaceful life.

June 19, 2009
ITM Offers Mountain View Decoding Your Computer's Secrets Class Schedule - - June-July Classes

ITM Offers Mountain View Facebook Class Schedule - June & July 2009 Classes

The iPhone 3.0 has landed at stores $199- 16GB model, $299-32GB model. I'd wait 2-3 week - let them work out bugs 1st.

At Bethel Island for Church Men's Retreat. Awesome windy weather. No computers!!

June 20, 2009
ITM Offers Mountain View Decoding Your Computer's Secrets Class Schedule - - June-July Classes #ClydeTechTip #TechTips

ITM Offers Mountain View Facebook Class Schedule - June & July 2009 Classes #FacebookClass #ClydeTechTip #TechTips

@dmerritts: 5 tips on how you can get more Sleep.

June 21, 2009

Enjoyed a full..8am to 1 pm..day of church. It was Men's Day, in honor of Father's day and our retreat. Very Special.

June 22, 2009

Pick up iPhone for 35% off, courtesy of #bing and #microsoft! Who knew? But, can the Gates family get iPhones now?

Mountain View Decoding Your Computer's Secrets Class Schedule for June-July

My Email Signature on Facebook. Like the Look? What's yours look like?

ITM Offers Mountain View Facebook Class Schedule - http://bit.ly/CVEUS - June & July 2009 Classes #FacebookClass #ClydeTechTip #TechTips
from HootSuite

Pick up iPhone for 35% off, courtesy of Bing and Microsoft! who knew? But, can the Gates family get iPhones now?

June 23, 2009
Speaking of Tweet Deck. Have peeps out there tried it on their iPhone?

Dang, the latest revisions to TweetDeck are amazing. I love this product.

Enjoying Karen List Networking meeting. Great fitness exercises!!

“[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

June 24, 2009
RT @Twitter_Tips Twitter Malware Attack Targets Both Mac and PCs : http://cli.gs/z166s8 --Share this: http://bit.ly/nx80p from web

Anti-Virus products compared - How many computers do you have? Try poll.

Steve Sturken just gave great presentation on auto repair! Flush those fluids!!
Is it just me or is Facebook very slow and unstable right now?

Clyde became a fan of Compassion Over Killing
June 25, 2009
Hiking with a friend.

Michael Jackson - Video Tribute

The Web Collapses
Under The Weight Of Michael Jackson's Death by @parislemon

Veggielution - bringing farming back to San Jose, CA

OMG, now Michael Jackson is dead at age 50. Poor man. Had such a rough go of it. Loved his early music.

Such a young and innocent time for Michael and all the rest of us!

Great Deals: $99 iPod; 22" Display - $149; Windows Notebook $299; Windows Netbook - $209. Go for it!

Sad about Farrah Fawcett's death. I had 'the poster' as a child. She is so sexy!

Certified Anger Management classes for adults and adolescents

I'm at 96 fans on my page www.ITMonFacebook. Will you be number 100. I hope so!!

How well? Highest score so far - 44%

Questions include: Favorite Ethnic food, of the moment? Who would I like to meet most? My favorite place to shop? My favorite vegetable?

June 26, 2009
Awaiting last few students for "Pumping Up Your Facebook Strategy." Come on down - free cookies, veggies, coffee! FaceBookIsAllTheRage.com

@Twitter Tips Twitter Malware Attack Targets Both Mac and PCs: --Share this.

Yeah!! It's FF!! @Ali4Coach, @clutterdiet , @susanbgood, @blissconnection, @chrispirillo,@ssturken

Anyone going to Berkeley Food Festival this Sunday? Yummy!!! Happy Friday!!

Anyone from church out there? Know if Treatment & Meditation, for Foundations is tomorrow, Saturday? What time does it happen? Thanks!

Dang, only 3 more friends and I'm at 1,000 friends. Who'd a thunk?

June 27, 2009
I'm so excited hit the big 1,000 - 100 today. 1,000 Friends on Facebook and 100 Fans (where I give Free computer advice and tips) on www.ITMonFacebook.com. Love this stuff!

Off to a full day of meditation at my Spiritual Center, called East Bay! Will my computer miss me? Will I miss my computer? Don't think so. Bye everyone!

Yeah!! It's FF!! @Ali4Coach, @clutterdiet , @susanbgood, @blissconnection, @chrispirillo,@ssturken

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