Monday, July 06, 2009

A Real Human! Who better to host your site?

Think of your business' website as a home: There's a front porch and a door (like your home page), that people will knock on to see if they will be able to find what they need, or to see if something is of interest to them; there's the many rooms, or web pages, that describe and direct the guests to what they need and to interact with them. The kitchen is whatever your website has that keeps them coming back. All that's missing is a hospitable host to show the guests around.

When CNN set up the hologram technology for the election, Jon Stewart and some of our other favorite pundits giggled. But the thing is, if you want your website to work for your clients, your potential clients, and ultimately you, it helps if your website feels like a home. And a "host" might be just the thing that open house is missing. It might have been to gimicky for television, but you really should ask if it might be able to help your guests.

Live Face On Web employs a slew of real models (think "supermodel" without all the attitude and drama you may have accidentally been exposed to via reality-tv exposure) to guide and direct site-visitors. Upon a visit to their site, you can choose a male or female model from an array of different ages and demographics.

Everything about the presentation is customizable, and modify-able (if you can't do it, they will do it for you at no extra cost). You can customize everything from the model's position on the page and the size of the image, to link-ability and special effects. The images are clear and detailed, but the page won't take hours to load up.

That's right. Your very own Vanna White--only taylored to your business, and your clients' needs. And if you see this guy walking around your computer, you'd better call ITM Computing for help! Ha!

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