Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Update from Tech Guy Who Likes Cats

July 5, 2009
Clyde posted “Will Blackberry ever have a web browser. Wait, that is a web browser??? Why does it take up to 3 mins per web page and most pages don't load?”

Clyde posted “Tweeting while blading. How fun is that? Anyone tweet while skydiving?”

Read great article this am. Folks who go to "church" regularly live 2-3 years longer. Msg sent from, my church.

Clyde posted “Tweeting while blading. How fun is that? Anyone tweet while skydiving?”

Read great article this am. Folks who go to "church" regularly live 2-3 years longer. Msg sent from, my church.

July 4, 2009
Wonderful performance by Agape and Siedah Garrett, the songwriter of Michael Jackson's song,"Man in the Mirror."

Enjoying the fruits of the Lake Merritt Farmer's Market. Hoping Souly Vegan will open by month's end as promised.

Clyde posted “having fun at client's in South City”

Dang, free tix to this HUGE MJ Memorial concert. Must enter by 6 pm, July 4th.

Mashable - they so rock - has a social media job board - how cool is that?
July 3, 2009
Great overall coverage of Social Media by the Master - Guy Kawasaki.

@keane: "I believe when you're dancing, slowly sucking your sleeve, the boys get lonely after you leave" Love F... ♫

Rhythmic Dogs, Dancin' Dogs, Funky Dogs, Nasty Dogs, Dogs of the World Unite! ♫

sharee? cherie? sherry? don't like it. who knows. great dance song! Love it! ♫ Follow Friday
Follow Friday
@YvonneUrness Rodeos drug the bulls. They prod them with sharp objects, then drug them to make them lethargic. Fair fight, eh?Michael Jackson's last rehearsal.KBLX radio supports animal torture - fun with the whole family - email them - call them to protest

Stop the abuse - boycott Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo - Please RT - roping and drugging animals and clapping? Huh?

Michael Jackson Discography, simple, concise, courtesy of Google - Happy 4th weekend!

Tapping, beautifully sung by Sharon D. Henderson. Can you tell I'm in mellow mood this am? ♫

Nothing better than the East Bay Church on a Holiday Morning weekend! ♫

July 2, 2009
@threebears - never thought I'd enjoy song titled "Anger Management" ♫

Yes, it's true, Clyde is stepping away from the computer - before midnight! Night my late night peeps - Chrystal and Jamylle!

What a gorgeous song! Don't know what it means, but it's beautiful! ♫

Awesome jazzy version of Fever by Peggy Lee - she's so smooth. Love video with it!! ♫
Where's a good Flashlight when I need it? Oh, here it is! ♫

Sonya is the most famous artist I know, so you should take her workshop and learn to market your stuff! She's been in Academy award gift baskets, for gosh sakes! Go for it!

Mari Smith to speak at National Ewomen conference - Cool! - She's the queen of social networking.
For folks who just gotta have more pink in their lives (Judy P?), pink netbooks (under $300), pink netbook stickers.

Just watched "Yes Man." What a great movie. Say "Yes to Life." Say "Yes to Opportunity!" This song was from a movie - remember?

I uploaded a YouTube video -- Spirit of God is Upon Me sung by Sharon Henderson

I uploaded a YouTube video -- Rancho San Antonio Vista

Note to self: Don't make doctor's appointments day before major holidays. Can lead to delay of up to 2 hours ;-) Really got to know the inside of allergy clinic today ;-)!!

June 30, 2009
@fab5era time for account ; - )!
$299 Notebook - Windows Vista Basic - 15.4" screen - Going, Going.... Any of my peeps win an HP netbook yet? Look for "Give Away." Weekly.

Need to do web conferencing? Say, for free? This thing rocks!!! It's like gotomeeting and gotowebinar - but better - because it's free (up to certain amt of people). Give it a go!

Networking event at Devry!

Found a very cool place to listen to lots of Grateful Dead music. Any deadheads out there?

June 29, 2009

Just got back from a glorious rollerblade around the 'hood of Sunnyvale, CA. Great weather! Great street!

Memories - my first video ever posted - SF Gay Pride Parade - 2006. Love that parade! Check out all my vids at

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” Catherine Ponder

June 28, 2009
Save tons (maybe 10) hours per lifetime with 730p, not 7:30 pm for time. Save 3 keystrokes! Good 4 Tweeting 2!

sweet - got my name!

Get your vanity URL for you business name -

Michael Jackson is honored at BET awards - playing right now!

Get to your 100 fans - before 8:59 pm deadline tonight, Sunday - join this chat - we're friending the heck out of each other. Pwd - Duncan

Well, it's only 79 degrees now. Finally cooled (?) off. Time for Rollerblading!

Went to try something new today, Center for Spiritual Living. Had a wonderful time. A few gems from service: "attitude will always take precedence over genius," "Jesus had no credentials other than his consciousness," "We tend to focus on the blemishes of life, not the 3,000 square inches of skin we have."

Visiting a new center today. Can't wait to see my friend Cassandra Rae sing!

Thoughts of the day - Contemplating Truth and Honesty.

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