Saturday, July 04, 2009

Wherever You Go, You Have Wireless Network

The Western Frontier of broadband technology is all about how to get that same cellular service that keeps your phone in range onto your laptop computer. Purchasing a broadband card, such as that pocket-protector looking thing over there on the left, can maximize your connectivity in a snap. Voila!

As long as you have your CTR-500, your laptop can benefit from the same wireless opportunities as your cell phone.

The newest technology to come out for connectivity is easy to use, portable, secure and reliable. Simply connect an activated USB or ExpressCard modem* and turn the unit on. In seconds, a secure WiFi network and the ability to connect up to 16 WiFi-enabled devices will be yours.

It is a great substitute for the pocket protector: it's small enough for your shirt pocket, and much more useful. It has an external antenna port (WiPipe™ technology) to position for optimal signal strength. Built-in auto-failover keeps everyone online switching from wired to wireless broadband access in the event of a wired ISP failure. The CTR 500 can be used with Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, Alltel, or AT&T wireless service. The equipment sells for $200; the wireless "cell" service is around $50/month.

Most service providers offer versions of a broadband card. Verizon carries the PC5740 Card and a V640 Express Card. AT&T carries the Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 for about $50 with a rebate-offer. Sprint offers Simply Everything+, which is really a phone and a card, for about $150 per month.

See? It is kinda hip to be square.

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