Sunday, August 23, 2009

Passwords - You really need to change yours!

First off, let me just say this: Yes, passwords are important. Many of us tell ourselves that they are just formalities, or that you don't store information online or on a hard drive, but the facts are this: Someone, somewhere, "keeps your record on file." I'm not saying we should all have less faith in our neighbors, but someone is keeping close tabs on you, and there is no harm in protecting yourself. So change your pasword. It is the simplest and least expensive identity and privacy protection you can get.

So, now that that diatribe is out of the way, let's be frank about the actual password. In short, make it a good one. Yup, having your child's and/or pet's name as your password, not such a good idea. And don't even try to keep inquiring minds away with "love" or "god."

Here's 2 free password checkers:
Microsoft Password Checker
Password Strength Checker

Even big media conglomerates are susceptible to password cracking! The latest brick to crack under pressure?
Gmail Vulnerability to Password Cracking

And having the same one for all things (computer admin, email, social media, shared accounts, billing and bank services) is not practical or fruitful.

One solution: Password Managers to help keep the login info within reach.

Our 2 Preferred Password Managers: Roboform and 1Password.

Want to generate your own passwords, but can't think of easy way to do it?

A few good choices

Strong Password Generator

Password Generator (like this one - you can save a copy of page on your desktop - so it doesn't access internet when setting passwords

New article on Changing Passwords, Setting new passwords

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