Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tech Support from Far, Far, Away

"Aagh!! It's like my computer's haunted!" she squealed, just before breaking up into an uproarious laughter. She was in upstate New York. I was at my computer from Sunnyvale, and I was in control. It was a match made in techie heaven.
allows users to control their clients' devices for remote support, access and backup. This is a good thing, but don't get all Big Brother paranoid: It won't work without express permission from both users. So let's say there's a problem in the office with the network. The client calls me, and you know the rest: "Nothing communicates, the printer doesn't respond, we've got a deadline to meet at 5:00, and I don't know anything about this stuff!"

As long as a) She's downloaded and Installed Log Me In and b) She's given me her username and password, we can fix this. I now have complete control of her cursor, her windows, all of it. She gets to watch me fix her computer without me having to spend time, money, and carbon-neutrality on gas getting over to her office.

If you're the client, you get to put the phone on speaker, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show while I zip through the Start menu, the control panel, your bachelor party pictures on Facebook--just kidding!--and get it done in a matter of moments. No one has to install anything for the instant, in-service, IT support. This works on PCs, Macs, Smartphones & iPhones. Maybe even as a practical joke on the gullible schmuck in the cubical next door. Again: Kidding!

Another awesome application is that if you work away from home but have to occasionally check your home email or listen to a tune or two. You can install Log Me In on your home comptuer and access it from work. is rarely blocked at the office, since IT guys and gals use it so much!

And - wow - Log Me In is giving away TONS of prices - just for joining their Email list! Enter today!

P.S. Whenever we work on someone's machine, we explicitly "disable" Log Me In when we leave. If by some strange change you use another IT support company, make sure Log Me In is disabled when they are not explicitly working on your computer. Right click on Log Me In icon to check the status. If it says "enable log me in," you know it's enabled.

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