Friday, September 11, 2009

Update From Tech Guy Who Likes Cats

August 30, 2009
I'm using to take notes on my Twitter peeps and organize them. You should check it out too. Free The Slaves 27,000,000 are in slavery, right now. Found site while eating "no slavery" chocolate. A plan to end slavery - forever - in 25 years. Read and Take action. I am!

32, 860 jobs are available - right now. The US Gov't is hiring!

Anyone else out there attach a webcam to their cat like this? I'm quite intrigued, having 2 wondering cats myself.

Check this video out -- How NOT to use PowerPoint!

Which of these are on your bucket list? Seven Wonders

August 29, 2009
This was an incredible food feast. I love the "living salad" my friend Susan purchased. Very cool! Check it out tomorrow.

Oakland "Eat Real" festival Sunday - All food sourced locally. Farmer's market and music too. Thanks Susan!

Windows Clipboard Manager. Evernote cooler (met Phil, CEO recently).
Reading: "Top Six Social Media Markets in 2009"
Reading: "8 Simple Rules For Social Media Marketing in Business to Business Market"
Check this out!
Reading: "Tips for Using Twitter - 5 Simple Ways to Get More Out of Twitter"
Just added myself to the WeFollow twitter directory under: "sunnyvale_ca, techtips, cheapdeals, facebooktraining, computerre"

Dang, what a great place to get your computer repaired or to get a technology update & education - onsite or remotely - anywhere in the world.

August 28, 2009
@TweetTweetMe I'm on your site!

Recommended @SSturken to @MrTweet 'Steve is awesome. He's a wonderful guy and he's very honest. I've had my car work...'

Recommended @bethschneider to @MrTweet 'Beth is THE system's women. She's helped me tons in my business through pri...'
I just used UnTweeps to unfollow 150 Tweeps who haven't tweeted recently. . U gotta try this!

@slicecity trillian is great, though it's sucking on my CPU quite a bit. bye bye, AIM! bahaha - MeeBo is even better

At #roomtoreed, I met some way cool peeps! @AliciaDunams, @adryenn, @tferriss, @secretsushi, @schwerdtfeger, @edithyeung

I recommend @cyndicraven
is the best folk singer I know, hands down. She has a sweet+lovely voice. Like a songbird or a magician.
Take 2 - Drool. I want a Nokia N97 - Does anyone out there have one? Which cell phone carrier?

Quite exited here at ITM Computing (Relieving Technology Stress Nationwide). We hit 50 - 5 star Yelp reviews today.

Recommended @chrispirillo to @MrTweet 'As if Chris needs another recommendation - but, he's awesome! I've been foll...'

Recommended @TravelingVeg to @MrTweet 'Yvonne is an awesome vegetarian / healthy body/ healthy mind advocate. Here v...'

Recommended @clutterdiet to @MrTweet 'Lorie's so awesome at organizing and being efficient. If you're not following...'

If a Jew can release a Xmas Alum (my favorite - Bob Dylan), we can have world peace and US healthcare for all!
Hi folks! Mind dropping me a recommendation here? Much appreciated!

Quite exited here at ITM Computing (Relieving Technology Stress Nationwide). We hit 50 - 5 star Yelp reviews today.

4 computers at once! Fun relieving of tech stress!

Great event for a Great cause, teaching kids around the world to Learn/Read. Did you know there are 100,000,000 illiterate kids today? This great organization is taking a byte out of this number, one school/one library at a time. I highly encourage .ou to view site - and a bit about founder - to make a difference in this world.

Looks like fun time bowling and merriment. Come along! Can't beat a $10 date ;-)!

Quite exited here at ITM Computing (Relieving Technology Stress Nationwide). We hit 50 - 5 star Yelp reviews today. A big thanks goes out to all of our current clients for your wonderful support and to all the future clients who helping us get to 100 5 star reviews. We want to relieve ALL of YOUR TECHNOLOGY STRESS. Don't forget that we offer FREE Relief at our site.

August 27, 2009
Miss Add-in with Google Chrome? Me, too! There is a workaround: Javascripted bookmarks!

August 26, 2009
I think HootSuite is pretty hoot. Er... hot.

Virtual telephone service where your voice mails show up as text messages or emails!
How 'bout we tax all Fast Food restaurants - Tax would fund Health Care!
Let's boycott Whole Foods, b/c CEO says were overweight, not exercising and self-inflicting our own medical problems. Duh? Wake up America!

Wow. You think are taxes and/or health premiums are a lot now. Just wait until health care reform is passes. We'll either pay a lot more taxes (and hopefully no health insurance) or if no changes take place, which I doubt, the Health Care industry will raise premiums to recoup the $140,000,000/day they're spending of OUR MONEY (those of us insured) to stop pending legislation.

Did you know we have the highest infant mortality rate in all developed countries? Just one of a lot of stats th

at say we pay more, per person, for health care and have some of the most unhealthy people in the world who are scared to change jobs because health care might be affected!

At Luxury Marketing Council meeting, San Francisco, 'Discount or Die.' Really making me think!

Wow! Any people you were surprised about? PETA's Sexiest Vegetarians over 50

I uploaded a YouTube video -- varicose vein removal varicose vein surger varicose veins Jeff Kaplan, MD” via
August 24, 2009
Apple OS - Snow Leopard - $29/1 or $49/5 pack! + Windows Netbook - Still $200

Lock up your bank account! Sounds silly - most people don't. Find out why.
Apple OS - Snow Leopard - $29/1 or $49/5 pack!;+ Windows Netbo ok - Still $200 -

August 23, 2009

Marianne Williamson takes the stage at East Bay Church of Religious Science.

Off to a glorious day of church, our most notable speaker since I've been there, Marianne Williamson, and then BBQ & Movie party with some friends. Great Sunday!

August 22, 2009
Great quote from Dinosaurs TV Show, "Your the one who decided to have a family, have a wife, kids and NOT eat them." Hard to believe this show was only on from 1991-1994! It is so fun! Anyone else get into this show? So funny the way

Don't know how I stumbled upon this link. This guy should be immediately fired and an unemployed police officer (or kid off the street) who knows how to say, "What's the emergency?," no matter what attitude they're given should take his place. He could have killed this woman's father.

Believe it or not - just saw for the first time!! Dick Tracy. Love all the fun colors and seeing Al Pacino at his God Fatheresque best. Madonna as Breathless was quite fun. Dustin Hoffman - wasted role! Amazing "kid" is now a lawyer! How'd you like movie?

It's cool - people keep going to - to get ALL they're questions for technology, social media, digital cameras, selecting a new netbook and notebook - for FREE - just by being a fan! Doesn't get any easier than that! Don't forge to check our reviews on Yelp, as well,

another reason for GPS - late night freeway closures!

August 21, 2009
In the East Bay for some Thai food and Comedy. work....all play!!!

Hey all! Have you been to Dale Carnegie before? It's a super cool class. Great time to sharpen your skills in the slower than normal times. I'll be a Graduate Assistant at this class. Come on to this orientation - it's free and you'll learn a lot at this intro. It's fun, inspiring and you'll be able to network there.

August 20, 2009
RT @guykawasaki Forty-five Percent of Employers Use Social Networking Sites to Research Job Candidates.

Clyde posted a link for Summer Celebration

I can't get enough of this wonderful song sung by Sharon L. Henderson, a wonderful spiritual singer who also sings at my church, East Bay Church of Religious Science.

August 19, 2009
@clutterdiet - Woo-Hoo!! How Fun!! OMG! So much fun!!!!
@clutterdiet - Absolutely stunning!! Great photograph, Lorie!

Tell them your favorite apps! Twitter wants to know!!

August 18, 2009
New Facebook for iPhone - when will it be approved? Looks extremely cool! If only they could add a REAL keyboard ;-)!

August 17, 2009
Just finished learning the HULA with @YvonneUrness and SoMe Bootcamp. What next?

OMG, @secretsushi's formula is out of the bag! Yikes! Adam is very up-to-date with stats - appreciate that!

@schwerdtfeger what a great sense of humor. Good work making a dry topic somewhat funny!

Janet Fouts is filling our heads with tons of great tools. Had no idea there were so many ways to "listen" to the web. Thanks, Janet

Patrick Schwerdtfeger preaches Increasing Website Traffic.

Got great tools from Janet Fouts at Social Media Boot Camp. Thanks Janet!

Enjoying my time listening to Andi Fisher of Your Online Go to Gal - about Pumping Up Your Blog!

In a great social networking conference in Sunnyvale.

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. ~Wayne Dyer

Looks like FB has a long way to go in search. What about Google's "secret" that everyone knows about Caffeine project to provide more up-to-date searches?

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