Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Learning a new Language - Language Translation

Language is a common bridge between cultures. There are some amazing websites to help get started learning a new language. All of which have free start-ups and tutorials.

LiveMocha - 94 Languages (including Yiddish, Swahili and Zulu) offered on this site. Over 2 million users use this service in tutorials matched to their own fluent language. Interactive lessons include the practice of speaking online with native speakers and receiving feedback to help you to learn faster.

Thanks for the lead Chris Pirillo!
A wiki for slang in every language. Has options for a swear filter and rejected entry inclusions. Funny but true story: Once someone taught me to say "Have a nice day" in Nepalese. I went around saying a crude version of "You love my mom" to everyone I ran into for a month before an upstanding character corrected me. Slang dictionary would have saved a lot of face.

Radio Lingua Network offers Coffee-Break lessons, short daily tutorials that introduce conversational vocabulary and grammar skills; TwitterLearn lessons which build on your consolidated learning daily in the 140-character format on your twitter feed (Fast and FUN!); and more advanced tutorials in mp3 formats. Learn while driving or working out!
Also offers exciting soap opera-esque radio shows and podcasts that utilize your new skill, so you won't forget how to use it.

word2word provides a compilation of links from about 100 different sites, totalling 119 free language tutorials at your fingertips.

200-Words-A-Day This site focuses on teaching you techniques for learning a language. The techniques are really similar to flashcards: pics and cartoon that illustrate the action, or facilitate memory response.
Offers conversational Spanish techniques for all levels. Pronunciation, grammar, a translator, vocabulary, travel help, daily word emails, notes on culture, and idioms are all provided. If you have some training and need help conversationally, this site is helpful. Likewise, if you need to improve your grade in Spanish Class, they have tips for that too.

Get applications for language dictionaries and verb congugators for your phone. Also offers English-alternatives intertype layouts for your Blackberry.

Google's Online Language Translator and BabelFish on Yahoo!
Copy. Paste. Translate. Finis.

Being able to speak a native tongue will not only increase your capacity of influence in business, but will also be a lot more interesting and impressive when you venture new places.

The death of a language marks the end of a culture, so learn prolifically. Diversity of culture is essential for understanding the worldwide human experience. Comprende?

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