Friday, October 16, 2009

Sell Your Music Online without iTunes

The new face of the Music Business gets down to the knitty-gritty: who's got the goods that the public wants. If you're a starving artist, you can get to work and quit starving without praying for The Industry Man to like you enough to manage you and your gigs.

ReverbNation - 50% of funds go back to the artist. That might sound like a lot, but it is really great for exposure when you have a service that is driven to back up your sales. You or your band can put together a presskit, as well as post info, numerous photos, showtimes, blog, twitter integration.... Collect fans who can leave comments (building up your online community!), play and add songs to their queue, bookmark your songs, and email your song to their friends. Pretty rockin', huh?

Artist Nation - for Classical and other non-rock, non-rap musical groups

This is a an online community for performing artists of all types, skill levels, nationalities and ages. Free membership includes a feature with your bio, photo, video, concert history, PSE indexing, and soon an event schedule.

Expand your fanbase: Listeners looking for undiscovered musicians can search and preview your music.

Audio Life - Create a Store - Sell Your Music Your very own store with your very own music. They give you the tools for you to design merchandise, CDs, ringtones and downloads. Once you create a store, post it to your website, blog or social network. They'll manufacture and distribute all of your products when they're purchased. There's no upfront cost for the merchandise, just a flat fee for production as your products are ordered. Also features very informative blogs from industry media moguls.

If you're more like me, you can pick a better tune with your taste than an instrument. You can still get involved with the new music business in the 21st century:

liceThePie - A financing platform for the music industry that enables new and established artists to raise money directly from investors and fans. Investors looking to help a band grow, get a 10% return. Fans get paid to review bands, too. Get your band scouted, now!

SellABand - Invest in a band; keep the return if band does well

Important note: be sure to read the fine print! Some sites don't allow multiple publishings, so be careful.

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