Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Win an iPad - iPad is finally here - Apple Tablet

Win an iPadIt was FINALLY anounced. The ipad is here!

iPad - Apple's new tablet - $499 for $16 G; $599 for a 32 GB version and $699 for a 64-gigabyte model with Wi-Fi only, and will be available in 60 days. It will cost an additional $130 for units that also can use 3G, which should be out in 90 days, making the most expensive model $829. Internet will be either $14.99/250 mb or $29/mo unlimited Internet. Read on: Apple finally releases tablet, called iPad. So cool. A baby is born: 1.5 pounds, 9.7-inch display Wow! Wi-Fi models will start shipping in February, and the 3G models will come one month after that.

Here's your chance to win one of the most highly anticipated tech toys of 2010.

On January 27th, 2010, Apple announced the Apple iPad, an iPhone on steroids! It's kinda like an iPhone, kinda like a tablet, kinda like a netbook.

So, in the spirit of fun and speculation, we are running a fun and easy contest. Become a fan of ITM Computing on Facebook and we'll draw a lucky winner (could be you!) once we hit 1,000 fans.

The devil is in the details. To enter...

  • Become a fan of ITM Computing on Facebook:
  • Once you've entered, post a link to on your blog or Facebook page and share that you entered contest for your entry to be eligible.
  • Your mailing address must be in the United States.
  • You must be a fan of at the time of winning the ipad.
  • Only 1 iPad will be awarded in this first round
  • The winner will receive the iPad 4-6 weeks after the first unit is shipped.
  • The winner must agree to post on their blog or Facebook page that they won an iPad from
  • Void where prohibited.
  • The iPad will be awarded without any service contract. You will be able to download iPhone apps & use Internet wirelessly only.

PS. We're still giving away one more Netbook - to our 500th fan!

Release dates are set for late March for Wifi only model and April for Wifi + 3G model

UPDATE (1/29/2010): Pricing is as follows:

Thanks Tech Bargains!

16GB model $499
16GB model w/ 3G $629
32GB model $599
32GB model w/ 3G $729
64GB model $699
64GB model w/ 3G $829

Data plans are $14.99 250MB/mo or $29.99 Unlimited Data/mo. These are prepaid plans with NO CONTRACT required.

  • 0.5" thin at 1.5lbs
  • 9.7" 1024x768 Multi-Touch Touchscreen IPS Color LED Display (appears to be 4:3)
  • Apple A4 1GB CPU w/ 16GB-64GB Flash Storage, OpenGLS graphics
  • Up to 10hrs Battery Life (1-month Standby)
  • 802.11n Wireless Networking + Bluetooth
  • Apple apps include Safari browser, Calendar, iTunes MP3 player
  • Movie viewing capability
  • All iPhone Apps can be run unmodified
  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • Accelerometer & Compass
  • Stereo Speaker & Microphone
  • Large almost life-sized virtual keyboard

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