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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun with iPhone - iPhone App Selection

If you're new to the iPhone scene, you might want to jump right into the fun stuff without reading the whole manual.

With the analytical techie sitting on my left shoulder screeching, "NOOO!" I'm going to tell you how to get to the fun stuff because the fun stuff is what makes the iPhone worth getting. (The phone service ain't so bad but with all this more fun stuff to do, you won't want to chitchat so much anymore.) I'm willing to bet you've probably already figured out how to turn it off and on, so I'll just skip ahead to the fun.

These are my most frequently used apps -  all of them are FREE!

Most of these applications will work on iPod Touch as long as you can hook up to wireless Internet. NOTE: Oftentimes, you cannot hook up to wireless Internet (as I found out at my gym), so if you want to use these apps, all the time, best to get an iPhone. Additionally, some of these apps require a microphone, which are very inexpensive, for the iPod Touch. The iPhone has built-in microphone (which you use for phone calls)

Amazon Mobile Read reviews, buy stuff, compare prices on Amazon. Kindle Who needs to buy $199 Kindle, when you can buy Kindle Books from Amazon this way. Just read books on your iPhone. Books are so 18th century!

Epicurious Free. Awesome recipe consolidator for the recipe collector. Also helpful: Woman's Day Cooking Assistant includes a cook time calculator, prep guide and spice dictionary.

DizzyBeeFree Fun Crazy Game.

Jott Voice recognition notes. Try it, you'll see. So much better than Voice Notes, or the old Keyboard Notes Bug. Free (however it does require a paid Online account). You could also try Evernote: Anything you need to jot down fast, be it in text, a photo, or a voice note, Evernote will keep it, index it, and sync it to the online subscription service.

Dragon Dictation Dictate voice messages and have them translated while you watch. Need to add microphone to iPod Touch for this to work.

Forsquare Super cool way to let friends know where you are by "checking in." Also a good way to find reviews for wherever you are. Uses GPS in your mobile device. Avail for Android, Blackberry, Palm and others.
Paper Toss Very low tech game. You get to throw a piece of paper in the trash. Hours on mindless fun. One of my favorites!

BMW M Power Meter Very cool way to watch speed, distance and other car measurements - for BMW owners and BMW wannabe owners ;-)

Fring - All the Instant Messenger Products in one cool program, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Chat, MSN.

Tap Tap Revenge Probably the best free game available now. Guitar hero for your fingertips.

AOL Radio This is the game changing app and the paradigm shifter in mobile. Free streaming radio, including internet radio stations (all Pearl Jam, all the time, anyone? Anyone?). Just wait until they have TV. AOL is cool again.

Yelp. Nice implementation of the restaurant, doctor, gym, coffee shop, bar, favorite IT Company (:-)) (and other companies as well) reviews site.

Loopt. Ping your friends and see where they are. Loopt Pulse, a newer feature, helps you find and plan events in your area.

Weather Bug. More accurate weather, weather web cams, and radar maps than the apple's built in app, Weather.

SportsTap. Also free. Sports scores from all sports. (You could get At Bat for $5 program lets you track games in progress, which is no big deal. The big deal is that you can actually watch video clips of key plays before the games are over. But SportsTap is freer and better.)

Baby Scratch. Who doesn't need to scratch records hiphop style while waiting for public transportation? The least expensive DJ equipment available for $0.00! If scratchin's not your thing but music still is, check out Karajan Beginner - Free, fun music lessons, tuning ear to music.

 We plan on doing many of these "best of apps" blogs. What are you favorites and why? Which apps are you regretful you purchased. Leave a comment with your favorite app and of course, feel free to put a link to your blog or website.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teddy Pendergrass and Other African American Men Die Too Young

You may not have heard about this due to the necessary media focus on Haiti at the time, but legend/singer/Grammy winner Teddy Pendergrass passed away at 59 from colon cancer on January 13th. Remember "If You Don't Know Me By Now?" That song, among others,  still unearths sentimental feelings in a hard-shelled friend of mine. I can't stop thinking of Love TKO!

After an accident in 1982, Pendergrass was paralyzed from the waist down. In 1985, he founded the Teddy Pendergrass Alliance, whose sole mission is "to create a coordinated outreach organization that encourages and assists individuals with spinal chord injuries (SCI) to achieve their maximum potential in areas of education, employment, housing, productivity and overall independence."

What a mission, what a voice, what a man.

His death got me to thinking about other men that the world has lost way before their time, in recent years, who have one small something in common : Teddy Pendergrass (59) Luther Vandross (54), Bernie Mac (50), Isaac Hayes (65), Edwin Starr (61), Barry White (60), Gregory Hines (57), Michael Jackson (50). This led me to research on the average lifespan of American Black Males. Surprisingly, the lifespan is 8 years shorter than that of their white counterparts. This article explains many reasons why this is the case, and as it turns out, the reasons usually lead back to the cause of racial disparity in America.

It might be a stretch to link Pendergrass' cause of death (colon cancer) to race--or racism, this gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about equality in America. Perhaps his colon cancer was caused by an element of the poverty-prone lifestyle he endured in his childhood with his single mother. Perhaps the cancer could be directly related to the incident that caused the paralysis (it is surprising how many medical problems occur after spinal trauma, and it is likely that link can be made). If the accident was at all drug- or alcohol-related, statistically that can be represented by poverty (which links back to race in America).

A stretch, maybe. But consider this discredited hypothesis trying to explain the disparity between American White and American Black males: In 2007, according to Dr. Oz (yes, the Oprah doctor), African Americans are more prone to heart-related conditions, because Africans that survived the Midlle Passage were able to do so because of their blood's ability to sustain high levels of salt content.

This theory has been repeatedly discredited and found amongst my research. As stated in the article, "Although predisposition to salt retention may have advantaged some individual slaves, other factors -- such as new selective pressures in North America and mating with non-Africans -- would have increased genetic variability, not constricted today's African American population to one common hypertension gene. As studied today, no contemporary West African population suffers from rampant hypertension."

The author in this quoted story, Osagie K. Obasogie, states quite well, "Rather, in a world with finite resources, it's regrettable that we continue to invest millions of research dollars -- and valuable public air time --looking for genes to explain racial disparities in health, when so many causes lie simply in how we treat one another."

A sterling example of an amazing African-American male who's taken care of his body and preached about taking care of one's health is 77 year-old Dick Gregory, as seen in this wonderful talk about taking better care of ourselves. Love his description about the liver - removing the "r" - and live, by taking care of this organ!

Stevie Wonder - aged 59 - if you're reading this - please get your blood pressure screened regularly and take care of that body!

I'll end by sharing a wonderful tribute to many of these and many other crooners.

I'm sure I've missed lots of folk. These are just some of the men that came to mind and have saddened me. Please feel free to share your memories here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

iPad Killer? Compaq AirLife / Lenovo Skylight Smartbooks

Q: What do you get when you cross a Smart Phone and a Netbook?
A: A Smartbook!

Introducing 2 new products in the Smartbook Category: Compaq Airlife 100 and Lenovo Skylight. It's weird, compared to the iPad, these 2 machines shine a very bright light! The Airlife looks like a Macbook and the Skylight looks like an iPhone/iPad. Weird. It sure would be cool if there was a unified platform re: apps, so we didn't have to go to everyone's "store" to buy apps, but I don't see consolidation any time soon (although the major Mobile carriers and Phone manufacturers are releasing their own app stores in the coming weeks with an attempt at grabbing a piece of the very lucrative App market) - as these are major money makers for Apple, Palm & Google. I wonder whose store Lenovo will be using to sell movies & music.

Compaq Airlife 100

Compaq recently announced the Airlife 100. It's a small Netbook-like computer with 10" screen. Difference? It has Google Android OS which gives it a lot more flexibility and speed over traditional operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X. It has "instant on" like a phone, a cool webcam, 3 G broadband, wireless, and more. The other cool feature - it's a touch screen like another product that was recently released - oh yeah, the iPad.

Has cool task bar along the bottom - looks quite like the MacOS Dock.
  • Operating System:Google Android
  • Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Storage: 16 G SD drive
  • Processor: Qualcomm's Snapdragon
  • Battery life: 12 hours, 10 days of standby & Replaceable
  • Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi B/G & Broadband
  • Connectivity: 1 USB port, SD Slot, headset jack
  • Camera: 1.3-megapixel webcam
  • Weight: Under 2 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Release date: Now in Spain, My guess - April/May 2010 in US and More!
Only bummer (for us in the US)? It's being rolled out in Spain with carrier Telefonica. My guess is that they are doing this limited release to get the bugs worked out before release Internationally.

Too bad it doesn't have a swivel screen. If it did, you could close and it would be exactly like an iPad.

Cool Video Tour

Lenovo Skylight

The Skylight was actually introduced before the HP/Google device, so it can claim to be the first Smartbook. The operating system is "gadget-based" rather than browser based. It's like have 6 little webpages per screen. You can scroll through the pages, just like an iPhone/iPad, by swiping your fingers across the screen. Comes with 18 pre-loaded and I'm sure there will be tons of free and paid for ones. Comes pre-loaded with Faceobook, Amazon, Gmail and more gadgets.
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Resolution: 1,278-by-720 pixels
  • Battery life: 10 hours, according to Lenovo
  • Storage: 20 G HD (14 G internal storage) + unique slot to add USB sticks
  • Connectivity: Two USB ports, Micro SDHC (with card installed), SIM slot, multimedia card slot (SD, SDHC, MMC), mini HDMI connector, headset jack
  • Camera: 1.3-megapixel webcam
  • Weight: Under 2#
  • Colors: Earth red and lotus blue
  • Est Released date: 4/2010
Mobile market just got even more EXCITING!!

Since Verizon will be offering Skype in March of 2010, for both Android & Blackberry phones finally, my guess is that both these mobile devices will also have Skype offerings.

Pricing? Not sure on either. Will most likely be $499 w/2 year contract; more with no contract.

One last question - Where does this leave Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows for the Desktop and Laptop computer? Could be obsolete in next 5-10 years, if things progress at this pace.

Next 2 Mobile Devices for review - New Offerings from Dell + Windows 7 Mobile!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Win an iPad - iPad is finally here - Apple Tablet

Win an iPadIt was FINALLY anounced. The ipad is here!

iPad - Apple's new tablet - $499 for $16 G; $599 for a 32 GB version and $699 for a 64-gigabyte model with Wi-Fi only, and will be available in 60 days. It will cost an additional $130 for units that also can use 3G, which should be out in 90 days, making the most expensive model $829. Internet will be either $14.99/250 mb or $29/mo unlimited Internet. Read on: Apple finally releases tablet, called iPad. So cool. A baby is born: 1.5 pounds, 9.7-inch display Wow! Wi-Fi models will start shipping in February, and the 3G models will come one month after that.

Here's your chance to win one of the most highly anticipated tech toys of 2010.

On January 27th, 2010, Apple announced the Apple iPad, an iPhone on steroids! It's kinda like an iPhone, kinda like a tablet, kinda like a netbook.

So, in the spirit of fun and speculation, we are running a fun and easy contest. Become a fan of ITM Computing on Facebook and we'll draw a lucky winner (could be you!) once we hit 1,000 fans.

The devil is in the details. To enter...

  • Become a fan of ITM Computing on Facebook:
  • Once you've entered, post a link to on your blog or Facebook page and share that you entered contest for your entry to be eligible.
  • Your mailing address must be in the United States.
  • You must be a fan of at the time of winning the ipad.
  • Only 1 iPad will be awarded in this first round
  • The winner will receive the iPad 4-6 weeks after the first unit is shipped.
  • The winner must agree to post on their blog or Facebook page that they won an iPad from
  • Void where prohibited.
  • The iPad will be awarded without any service contract. You will be able to download iPhone apps & use Internet wirelessly only.

PS. We're still giving away one more Netbook - to our 500th fan!

Release dates are set for late March for Wifi only model and April for Wifi + 3G model

UPDATE (1/29/2010): Pricing is as follows:

Thanks Tech Bargains!

16GB model $499
16GB model w/ 3G $629
32GB model $599
32GB model w/ 3G $729
64GB model $699
64GB model w/ 3G $829

Data plans are $14.99 250MB/mo or $29.99 Unlimited Data/mo. These are prepaid plans with NO CONTRACT required.

  • 0.5" thin at 1.5lbs
  • 9.7" 1024x768 Multi-Touch Touchscreen IPS Color LED Display (appears to be 4:3)
  • Apple A4 1GB CPU w/ 16GB-64GB Flash Storage, OpenGLS graphics
  • Up to 10hrs Battery Life (1-month Standby)
  • 802.11n Wireless Networking + Bluetooth
  • Apple apps include Safari browser, Calendar, iTunes MP3 player
  • Movie viewing capability
  • All iPhone Apps can be run unmodified
  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • Accelerometer & Compass
  • Stereo Speaker & Microphone
  • Large almost life-sized virtual keyboard

Monday, December 28, 2009

Top 10 Videos Of They Year - Clyde's Picks

These are my top 10 videos, one I keep watching and watching again. Some are quite popular, others are quirky and just plain fun.

Enjoy and Happy New Years!!

10 Web Side Story
Great spoof of West Side Story. Love the "Pandora, there a great music site called Pandora" part.

9 Sand Artist
Kseniya Simonova (born 1985 as Ксения Симонова) is a sand animator from Ukraine. She won in "Ukraine's Got Talent." Check out many of her animations.

8 Frozen Grand Central - FREEZE!!
This is one in a series of planned public theatrical experiments. Just love this! The Supermarket Musical is just as fun!

7 Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Just plain fun. The Glee TV show recently highlighted this show. This is one of many memorable moments on the show.

6 Will in Blend?
The iPhone takes a bigger hit than the Verizon "There's a Map for That" commercial

5 Lyle Lovett & His Large Band - Church
Okay, so this was 2008, but I love this song and the video. Many only know Lyle as "Mr. Julia Roberts." He so incredibly talented. I've seen him 1/2 dozen times!

4 Laughing Babies
This will make anyone smile.

3 Evian Roller Babies
Babies are just soooo cute!

2 Wedding Dance
What looks like a "normal," beautiful wedding goes crazy. Irony of this video is that song is by Chris Brown who beat up his girlfriend at the time Rihanna. It's a great touch of class that the newlyweds put a link to domestic violence on the video.

1 Susan Boyle
Of course, who could forget Susan Boyle? I still love these "rough cut" versions of her video of I Dreamed a Dream and her Cry Me a River song.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Apple does it again - New Macs - new iMacs

If you haven't been to the Apple Store recently, you must go and see these gorgeous machines. The new displays are incredible and the monstrous 27" iMac is unbelievable!! (That's more than two feet, the size of my cousin's toddler! But really, the screen is the only "monstrous" thing. Everything else is absolutely beautiful.)

On October 20th, Apple unveiled their new Apple Macbook notebook computer. How did they manage the new Macbook so light with the super-serious battery? The most important change will be the new battery, a lithium polymer battery built right into the enclosure. Apple says you'll get up to 7 hours on a single charge, and even though the battery isn't removable, you'll manage to charge the battery 1,000 times before the battery dies the long death. The battery is warranted for 1 year after purchase. To replace battery, You need to either send the Mac back to Apple (3-4 day turnaround) or take it to store for same day replacement. Costs - $129 (13" & 15") - $179 (17") for new battery.

I'm gonna get onto a little techie soapbox here, because this is really
important: In addition to the new, improved battery, the Apple Macbook will also get a graphical boost from an NVIDIA GeForce Mobility 9400M chipset, the same used in the smallest Macbook Pro 13-inch model. That graphics power will drive a new LED-backlit, 13.3-inch display, running at a 1280 by 800 pixel resolution, which should be great for watching HD movies at 720p or better. The new screen is all glossy, and sits flush with the glass bezel on the top lid of the notebook, just like on the new Macbook Pro models.

Unlike the Macbook Pros, the new Apple Macbook will be built with a polycarbonate plastic shell. Apple offers some non-slip resistance for their new plastic design to help the laptop stick to airline trays and laps. This machine gets a glass trackpad, without buttons, which supports up to 4 finger gestures (no snickering here). You just slide your fingers over the pad to make th
e mouse move.

The new Apple Macbook is only 1.08-inches thin and weighs 4.7 pounds. The notebook uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.26 GHz. The
standard configuration ships with 2GB or DDR3 RAM and a 250GB hard disk drive, but you can bump both of those to 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

Honestly, we've seen $300 netbooks with better port selection. You get 2 USB 2.0 ports, an Audio In/Out port, Gigabit Ethernet and a mini DisplayPort. First of all, we'd like to see more USB ports, which isn't an unreasonable request for a $999 machine. Second, mini DisplayPort is a cruel choice for what is essentially the bargain Mac laptop. (DisplayPort monitors are rare, and adapters can be expensive.)
Fully loaded the new Macbook (list at $999) will cost you $1,250, with more RAM and HDD storage. As a comparison, the low end of the Windows 7 line of Laptops runs at $399. This low end Windows machine is bigger 15.4" compared to 13", heavier, has only 1-2 hour battery compared to 7 hour on Macbook, doesn't have the cool "class" of the Apple machine, and its screen will not be as classy as the Macbook. On the other hand, with it you can read your email, surf the web, go on Facebook and Twitter using wired and wireless connectivity.

FYI: Rumor has it there will be a huge sale on Macs, ONE DAY ONLY at the Mac store on 11/27/2009, Black Friday. Up to 30% off iPods, Up to 25% off Macs!

The competition continues to heat up: Snow Leopard is released; Mac's revamped line of its Macbook and iBook. Windows 7 was just released. You gotta love competition. Oh yeah: and the new iPod nano takes video! Pretty sweet, right?